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Skype Trivia Bot v7.1

Computer Requirements

  • Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7;
  • Ram: 512Mb;
  • HDD: 10Mb;
  • Skype: v4.2 to v6.5.0.107;

The list of possibilities

  • English, Russian, German interface;
  • Ability to load new database issues;
  • Edit questions;
  • Ability to work with several group chats;
  • Save user results.


(Size: ~5Mб)

How to get the full version?

  • Buy the full version please click here.
  • Available and other types of payment, please contact support.

Need more features?

Please contact skype, e-mail, or forum.


For any questions, please contact: Skype: renat2985
E-mail: or official forum software:

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Probably many of you remember that legendary Trivia (quiz) game for the IRC chat. After losing the game once, you wish play again and again. A few days ago turned out to revive it for chats in Skype. Tried to keep in the game all the best.

You can try to play the quiz going to our group Skype chat on these links:

If for some reason were not able to join us, contact me to Skype: renat2985 I will add you to our chat.
You can also download "Trivia Skype Bot" and run yourself into their group chats.

Changes in the release

  • v7.1 - A new command !add, that allows chat participants add their own questions to the database of questions. Now You can view information of your friends points,for example:! info andrej. There are several new features in the "List of people" - management in controlling the chat. Little changes in the drop-down menu - "Help". Little changes in the RSS. In the program settings is now 2 social buttons (twitter and facebook). - other stuff.
  • v7.0 - In the Russian version in many sentences the word "answer" was changed to "score". Dates back a RSS Feed (currently two) is first available for purchase at $ 5.90. Now you can send RSS to chat by clicking setup in the RSS. Fixed bug with seconds in the RSS. You can now specify the number of points with which it becomes available kommanada! Start. Errors are more informative. Sometimes when! Start appearing a few reports of Launchpad game, this is no more. Now you can control is much easier to chat Participants can change their status, to expel a chat ban, etc. Has built-in warning about the new versions.
  • v6.9 - The game came out Beto versions. Fixed a bug in the "Bot name," before the name is not save. Again, changes in the search for chats. Fixed several errors occurred when the game starts. New England Base: 344,214 question.
  • View older versions:


Last v6.2 beta version looks like this:
Skype Trivia Bot Skype Trivia Bot

The main commands of game:

  • !start - To begin the quiz.
  • !blitz - To play blitz (7 seconds to answer).
  • !stop - To stop the quiz.
  • !next - The next question.
  • !info - Your total points, The fastest answer and number of used commands: !next.
  • !hint - To take a hint.
  • !top or !top number - Smartest Players.
  • !add - Add a question. Example: !add your_question|answer.
  • !quest - Repeats a question.
  • !forum or !rss - To show the last post of the forum:
  • !about - About software.

Base questions

  • 134167 questions based in Russian: Download Submitted by
  • 22263 questions based in English: Download Submitted by Renat
  • 17866 questions based in Bulgaria: Download Submitted by n3rd
  • 2521 questions based in Romanian: Download Submitted by Cioc Andrei
  • 1964 questions based in German: Download Submitted by Cioc Andrei
  • 3711 questions based in Norwegian: Download Submitted by $tig
  • 51266 questions based in Italia: Download Submitted by ***
  • 540 questions based in Lietuva: Download Прислал Commandos